This shop is located at the intersection of Gage Street and Aberdeen Street, in Central, Hong Kong,  and has a tiny footprint of just 200 square feet. The client had the following requests: a shop design to reflect their brand's strong identity;  an exterior element that could be changed over time with relative ease; and ample storage space.    
 This apartment project is about 2,000 square feet. The building was constructed in the 70's which means the efficiency of the actual square footage is quite high. The client is a young couple who appreciates clean lines and simplicity; durability of sound materials and their relative ease of maintenance. The previous owner had a dropped ceiling, which was the first things we decided to take out. The client also wanted to maximize the floor to ceiling dimension, so after taking out the dropped ceiling, we actually spent a good 3-4 days cleaning up the underside of the concrete slab with a stainless steel brush. We were able to see construction calculation notations and imperfections on the concrete surface, which are left exposed. These imperfections were played off in contrast with the clean and smooth white walls and panelling. 
 This is a village house project of about 1,000 square feet that is situated in a very remote part of Sai Kung. The client is a bachelor who lives with is dog. The 1,000 square feet is equally distributed between 3 floors. The open kitchen; dark room; and powder room are located on the ground floor. The 1st floor is the living room, where his hi-fidelity sound system is located. The 2nd floor is the master bedroom and bathroom. There is also rooftop for barbecue which overlooks the mountains beyond. 
 This project is the renovation of a townhouse situated at The Peak. The house is about 4,000 square feet, and there are some outdoor areas and a swimming pool.
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